Seasonal Water Access

Douglas Lake is a dam-controlled reservoir, generally available to vacationers May through August. Control of the dam is the responsibility of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and water level varies due to a variety of factors. Due to this, we cannot guarantee water level, water access, or dock access.

As mentioned, water access is generally available May through August, but may sometimes be available in April and September as well. Water level may also be low, such as in 2016, when water level was lower than average all summer, resulting in a shorter dock access period. Vacationers should take the variability of water level into consideration when planning their vacation, especially if water and dock access is a priority in their planned activities.

Although water level or access cannot be guaranteed, a table of water levels for recent years, as applied to dock access at Debra's Point, is provided below. This is for your information and planning purposes.

Please keep in mind that although water access is only available seasonally, Debra's Point Cabin is an enjoyable, secluded getaway all year long!

For current information on Douglas Lake water level click here




April 14 - August 24
April 22 - August 30
April 14 - September 23
April 23 - September 1
April 22 - August 31
May 11 - August 11
April 13 - September 1